Madison’s Newest Frozen Yogurt Joint

January 5, 2012 | Featured In: Dessert, Healthy Pick, Madison, Outdoor, Snacks & Treats
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Berry Berry Good in Madison

I was at Kroger in Madison not too long ago (the one on Hwy. 463 at Colony Crossing, NOT the new Kroger theme park on Hwy. 51) when I noticed that they had a new neighbor. About halfway between Kroger and Papito’s (in that same Madison shopping center) was a new frozen yogurt place called Berry Berry Good. Flowood has a Berry Berry Good, so the name was familiar, but I had never actually been inside to see what they were all about. It was time to try this place out, so after I loaded up my car with groceries, I headed to Berry Berry Good.

They’ve got some great outdoor seating, so this place is going to be a great summer hang-out. Right now, it’s a little cool for outdoor fro-yo enjoyment, but their indoor seating is perfect for the chillier days!
I walked through the door and felt like I was no longer in Mississippi. The décor is ultra hip and modern— almost futuristic! I loved it! It was completely unexpected, but I loved the surprise.

A handful of Berry Berry Good's toppings

After reading the signage close to the door about the health benefits of Berry Berry Good’s frozen yogurt (which is a source of calcium, protein, and that good bacteria you find in yogurt), I grabbed a few sample cups to test some flavors. The raspberry sorbet was just what I expected—sweet and slightly sour. The Vanilla/Chocolate swirl was a little different because it was not all that sweet. A fellow sampler let it be known that she didnot like the Chocolate, claiming that it was not sweet at all. I don’t fully agree with her, but I would recommend trying it before you get a whole cup full! It’s not your typical Chocolate frozen yogurt!

The Original Tart and Caramel Swirl was my favorite sample. Similar to the Vanilla/Chocolate swirl, it was not overly sweet. The older I get, the less I like super sugary things, so the Original Tart yogurt (and they mean it when they use the word tart!) and the simple sweetness of the Caramel yogurt hit the spot. As I filled a cup with the swirl of Caramel and Tart, I noticed that one of the yogurts was sugar free, and the other was low sugar. Healthy!

My beautiful and tasty creation!

The tidy selection of toppings was just right. They didn’t have so many options that I got overwhelmed. Fresh fruit of all types, several different sauces, a nice assortment of candy and other crumbly sweet treats… The fact that there was not one crumb of topping outside of its allotted space impressed me almost as much as the frozen yogurt itself! I ended up getting Heath Bar crumbles, Rainbow Sprinkles, and some mini Reese’s cups. Mmmm…

After chatting with the friendly guy working behind the counter, getting set up with a Berry Berry Good loyalty card*, weighing and paying, I was on my way home with a beautiful cup of frozen yogurt joy. Aside from the toppings, I felt like I’d made a wise and healthy snack choice. I didn’t feel like I’d eaten a pound of sugar, which, believe it or not, I do feel from time to time! I loved my Berry Berry Good experience and plan to return soon and often! Have you tried this place?
*With this loyalty card, you get one point for every dollar you spend there. After you get 45 points, you get $5 off your next purchase! My order totaled just over $4, so from what I can figure, you get a free cup for every 10 or 11 average purchases. Not a bad deal!

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